CoPrA - The ultimate profiling solution

Advantages of CoPrA at a glance:

CoPrA stands for "Color Profiling Application" and is a standalone application for MacOSX and Windows platforms that combines:

  • First-class ICC output profile creation
  • Update printer profiles
  • ICC DeviceLink technology for RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, and Multicolor color spaces, as well as for switching between color spaces (e.g. RGB-2-CMYK DeviceLinks)
  • Creation of SaveInk DeviceLink profiles for print optimization and saving ink
  • The possibility of saving color transformations of any kind, e.g. selective or global corrections, in the form of a DeviceLink profile.
  • Creation of Correction DeviceLink profiles
  • Multicolor printer and DeviceLink profiling

CoPrA offers the highest quality application designed for the professional user, as well as for the color management novice.

Additional Information:

The Reprofiling technology is our newest addition to CoPrA 4. This allows you to update ICC printer profiles for RGB, CMYK and Multicolor, without the need to be a color management expert.

CoPrA is your control center for any output profiling task

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CoPrA will allow you to produce high-quality output profiles with simple, easy to use tools. Using CoPrA, it is very easy to create printer, DeviceLink and SaveInk profiles for typical day-to-day color management challenges including sophisticated Multicolor scenarios. In addition, it is possible to save color conversions of any kind in the form of a DeviceLink profile, including selective and global corrections. Click here to learn more about the amazing Reprofiling technology included in CoPrA. The software includes all the essential tools and functions that a professional user needs in order to create high-quality profiles.

CoPrA is offered in different packages according to your profiling needs:

CoPrA Basic CoPrA M CoPrA L CoPrA XL CoPrA XXL
Standard Features
Includes all features of the
Basic package
Includes all features of the
M package
Includes all features of the
L package
Includes all features of the
XL package
RGB-, Gray, CMYK Profiling with Presets RGB-, Gray, CMYK Profiling with all available settings DeviceLink Creation and Editing SaveInk profiles Create SaveInk DeviceLinks Creation of Multicolor printer profiles and DeviceLinks
Update RGB and CMYK Profiles with Presets ColorAnt M Optimize Measurement Data Creation of Correction DeviceLinks Update Multicolor Profiles and DeviceLinks
Profile Manager Generate XML profile reports Edit DeviceLinks up to 15 channels
Simplified Navigation ColorAnt L Optimize Measurement Data incl. Multicolor

Easy-to-use interface

Outstanding technology doesn't need to be complicated to be used.
Outstanding technology doesn't need to be complicated to be used.

From the beginning, the helpful Sidebar in CoPrA will guide you quickly and easily to the proper tool. A comprehensive graphical tool tip will appear to explain the intention of the tool as soon as you scroll the mouse over it. To start generating ICC profiles, updating of profile, creating DeviceLink profiles, editing an existing DeviceLink profile, or calculating SaveInk profiles, simply click on the icon and CoPrA will guide you through all necessary steps.

Check out the main features and modules here. Get in contact with our dealers to learn how to boost color quality by using CoPrA in your workflow.