CoPrA Features and Modules

Advantages of CoPrA at a glance:

CoPrA stands for "Color Profiling Application" and is a standalone application for MacOSX and Windows platforms that combines:

  • First-class ICC output profile creation
  • Update printer profiles
  • ICC DeviceLink technology for RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, and Multicolor color spaces, as well as for switching between color spaces (e.g. RGB-2-CMYK DeviceLinks)
  • Creation of SaveInk DeviceLink profiles for print optimization and saving ink
  • The possibility of saving color transformations of any kind, e.g. selective or global corrections, in the form of a DeviceLink profile.
  • Creation of Correction DeviceLink profiles
  • Multicolor printer and DeviceLink profiling

CoPrA offers the highest quality application designed for the professional user, as well as for the color management novice.

Additional Information:

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CoPrA is a high quality DeviceLink and printer profiling solution based on the ICC standard. The software includes all essential tools and functions needed in order to create high-quality profiles.

The software consists of five different modules that can be ordered individually or as a cost-effective package :

  1. Printer profiling including Updating of printer profiles
  2. DeviceLink profiling
  3. DeviceLink editing
  4. SaveInk profiling
  5. Multicolor add-on

Printer Profiling

CoPrA provides complete color control of separation settings for CMYK and Multicolor printer profiles.
Spezifische Steuerungsm√∂glichkeiten f√ľr die Separation von CMYK-Druckerprofilen

Depending on the package CoPrA will profile the following color spaces: Gray, RGB, CMY, CMYK or Multicolor. Creating printer profiles in CoPrA involves loading measurement and reference data and selecting the settings for profile generation. Part of the Printer Profiling is the new Update Profile module.

Easy creation of profiles by using profiling settings

Predefined profiling settings facilitate the effective and secure profile generation.
Predefined profiling settings facilitate the effective and secure profile generation.

The profiling settings are a special feature of CoPrA, which can be saved and re-used or edited. CoPrA includes a number of standard settings immediately after installation. These settings are based on the expert knowledge and experience of ColorLogic with all different kinds of printing processes. Once the required profile quality is achieved with a particular set of settings, simply retrieve these settings to create new profiles based on new measurement data. The additional rendering intents helps the user to achieve the very best quality. The different modes for controlling the black channel permit specific control of the separation characteristics. These options are complemented by numerous possibilities for defining exceptions.

DeviceLink Profiling


DeviceLink profiles complement the use of "normal" ICC device profiles (device profiles are printer, monitor, and scanner profiles, for example) and are applied to certain tasks in order to achieve substantially better results in terms of quality and printing and may also avoid many of the weaknesses of color conversion based on ICC device profiles. CoPrA can create DeviceLink profiles for all combinations of color spaces: Gray, RGB, CMYK, Multicolor. The most important applications are CMYK-to-CMYK, RGB-to-CMYK and CMYK-to-Multicolor. To create DeviceLink profiles, a preconfigured ICC printer profile is required. If no ICC printer profile for a printing process or an output device is available, create it in the CoPrA Printer Profiling module.

Recalculate DeviceLink profiles automatically

Recalculate multiple DeviceLinks with a press of a button.
Recalculate multiple DeviceLinks with a press of a button.

The new module Recalculate in CoPrA 4 allows you to calculate existing DeviceLink profiles automatically with a new source or destination profile. CoPrA uses the same settings which were used when the initial DeviceLink profile was created and simply exchanges either the source or destination profile.

DeviceLink profiles by editing

One of the more powerful features of CoPrA is creating DeviceLink profiles with the DeviceLink Editing module. These profiles can,then be applied using the automated feature into a workflow program that supports DeviceLink profiles (e.g. a color server like ZePrA).

Using the Editing module, editing or finetuning of color conversions will be predictable.
Using the Editing module, editing or finetuning of color conversions will be predictable.

Simply open one of the supplied CoPrA Edit Charts to make all the color corrections necessary. Based on this editing, CoPrA then calculates a new DeviceLink profile. This powerful function can be put to a wide variety of uses including recurring color corrections on different sets of image data, specifically prepare RGB image data for four-color or multicolor printing, applying gradation curves in the profile rather than in the RIP, creating special effects, or simply fine-tuning an existing DeviceLink profile.

Saving ink - Stabilizing the printing process

Ink saving with highest quality made easy to use for every printing system.
Ink saving with highest quality made easy to use for every printing system.

By optimizing the black composition of the data, SaveInk profiles make it possible to reduce the amount of cyan, magenta and yellow used without any loss of quality. This also controls the amount of TAC (total area coverage) reduction. Applying this function to a moderate degree enhances the stability of the printing process, while use of a stronger level saves a substantial amount of ink. Additionally the SaveInk functionality can also be combined with the other options available in CoPrA, e.g. color space conversion + SaveInk.

Multicolor Add-on

The multicolor add-on extends the use of either the printer or the DeviceLink profiling to other color spaces beyond CMYK. The comprehensive Multicolor add-on supports:

Additional Tools in CoPrA help and assist you in creating, managing, and applying ICC profiles.