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Country Partner
USA GrafixWorldLLC Chromix CrossXColor Fusion Systems XChangeUS MSP Graphic Services RPimaging
China, Hongkong, Korea
Denmark PixlAps
France Coloracademy FourPees
Italy TecnologieGrafiche
Japan Ueno Corporation FourPees
Canada XChangeUS
Malaysia Datamation FourPees
Middle East
Libanon, Syrien, Jordanien, Ägypten, Kuwait, Irak, Oman, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate und Saudi Arabien
Netherlands Ready4Print FourPees
Poland Colornorm
Switzerland Bonafini Impressed
Spain ID-Soft
South America GrafixWorldLLC
United Kingdom Bodoni MyPressXpert
Sweden, Finnland und Norway Colorconsult ab
alle anderen Länder FourPees