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For software developers and hardware producers who want to make their products color-aware, ColorLogic offers different SDKs for a wide variety of applications under the brand name CrossXColor.

  • CrossXColor Monitor
  • CrossXColor CMM
  • CrossXColor DeviceLinker
  • CrossXColor Profiler
  • CrossXColor Linearisation

Modular color management technology for demanding customers

CrossXColor Monitor

Logo CrossXColor Monitor

The CrossXColor Monitor encompasses a variety of different tools for calibrating and profiling TFT and CRT monitors. The functions can be combined and given an individualized design to address different customer requirements. Apart from a wealth of tools for software calibration and profiling, we also offer direct hardware calibration for many different monitor types. We can also integrate new monitors on request.

Our toolset supports not only standard functions, such as brightness, contrast, gamma and white point adjustments, but also extended functions, such as TFT-optimized calibration or import of ICC profiles and backlight control. Moreover, we have developed numerous special functions for optimizing specific monitor types, especially large-gamut monitors and high-end monitors, which allow hardware calibration. Do you want to adjust the monitor according to the luminance level of your viewing booth? We have tools for this and, what's more, we offer verification and reporting tools to check whether the monitor is calibrated according to international standards.

We offer CrossXColor Monitor as an SDK for integration in your product line or as an out-of-the-box solution. If you'd like an individualized design, we'll be happy to implement it for you.

CrossXColor CMM

Logo CrossXColor CMMCrossXColor technology includes a CrossXColor CMM, our "color engine". The CrossXColor CMM is an ICC-compliant, modular CMM that guarantees maximum quality for all color transformations.

The advantages of our CMM are its platform-independence, which is important if your products run on different platforms and you need to ensure that the calculated transformations are the same. In addition, color transformations not based on the ICC standard can be added to solve specific customer requirements (e.g. custom CMYK separations). CrossXColor CMM handles lists of profiles according to the ICC specification and supports all ICC profile types and tags, including DeviceLinks and MultiColor profiles. All calculations are done with floating-point precision to get the best results.

Besides the high quality of our color transformations, some of the advantages of our engine are what we call the "on-the-fly options". These options are typically offered in special profiling tools, but require creation of corresponding profiles before use. With our CMM, link tables can be created on-the-fly and applied directly, e.g. for brightener compensation, dynamic device linking of ICC profiles with or without preserving the separation characteristics, or the use of additional rendering intents or exceptions.

For maximum speed, you can use the link table mechanism of CrossXColor, which covers several color transformations. It calculates multi-dimensional look-up tables with up to 16 channels with 8-bit and 16-bit precision. Our CMM can also be expanded to include third-party transformations, and permits caching by saving and loading links.

The C-API is kept as simple as possible to enable easy understanding and smooth integration of our CMM into your products. The code comprises error codes, file specifications, file handling and the color conversion framework.

CrossXColor DeviceLinker

Logo CrossXColor DeviceLinkerThere is often a need to adapt separated data to other printing methods, e.g. when converting between different printing standards, saving ink or proofing. If you use standard ICC tools for this kind of color transformations, you lose all the information on the original separation characteristics. The most prominent example is transformation from CMYK to CMYK, which would convert the pure black channel into an unwanted four-color separation. The reason is that, during the transformation process, the 3-channel Lab color space is used, which loses all the separation characteristics. This means that 4-channel information is translated into 3-channel information, a completely new 4-channel separation being created afterwards.

Using our CrossXColor DeviceLinker allows you to do color transformation within the ICC standard that respects existing separations in much higher quality. In addition, you have the possibility of deciding which options you would like to offer in your solution. With CrossXColor DeviceLinker, you can preserve the black channel characteristics or the separation characteristics, save ink or handle a variety of different exceptions, such as pure colors. The DeviceLink profiles you can create comprise: CMYK-2-CMYK, CMYK-2-RGB, CMYK-2-Gray, CMYK-2-MultiColor, RGB-2-RGB, RGB-2-CMYK, RGB-2-Gray, RGB-2-MultiColor, Gray-2-Gray, Gray-2-CMYK.

In addition, you may want to optimize the conversion result of a DeviceLink by an iterative process, e.g. for proofing, or update an existing DeviceLink using the same settings and just changing the output color space.

Combining our CrossXColor CMM with the CrossXColor DeviceLinker offers you an intelligent solution for handling color transformations.

CrossXColor Profiler

Logo CrossXColor ProfilerCrossXColor Profiler is a tool for creating printer ICC profiles and is designed for top quality. Like our CrossXColor CMM, CrossXColor Profiler is totally platform-independent and delivers identical results on different platforms.

CrossXColor Profiler creates CMYK, RGB, Gray and MultiColor printer ICC profiles and abstract profiles. Profiler accepts any kind of input data, such as colorimetric or spectral. It can also extract measurement and reference data from ICC profiles, and is not limited in terms of patch count - be it just a few patches or 10,000+.

The perceptual rendering intent can be customized by different methods and thus adapted to different applications.

Like the entire CrossXColor technology range, CrossXColor Profiler is of modular design, making it possible to optimally serve different markets and requirements.

CrossXColor Linearisation

Logo CrossXColor LinearisationThis module calculates output device linearization curves. It is designed for different applications, e.g. colorimetric linearization of the ramps of the primaries, linearization based on a reference, gray balance linearization or gray balance adjustment. The target users for these special functions are RIP vendors driving a variety of printers in Black-and-White, RGB, CMYK or MultiColor color spaces.