ZePrA application areas

Advantages of ZePrA at a glance:

  • Simple, clearly structured user prompting and setup
  • Extraordinarily high speed processing of files
  • Outstanding quality of PDF processing
  • Supports all common PDF/X standards
  • Modular solution which allows starting small and adding more modules later
  • Outstanding quality of color conversion
  • Supports color management for all color spaces including Multicolor
  • Missing DeviceLink profiles can be built on-the-fly with SmartLink and the integrated CoPrA
  • Adjust printer color deviations with the integrated Update Profile functionality
  • Sophisticated spot color handling
  • Easy to integrate into Enfocus Switch

Additional Information:

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Examples of Color Management scenarios that can be automated

These are just a few workflow scenarios for ZePrA Color Server. If there is a specific workflow or scenario for your production environment where ZePrA may be applicable, please feel free to contact one of our partners.