What is ColorAnt?

With the introduction of ColorAnt,  ColorLogic is giving users the option for the measurement data processing prior to profiling. In many situations, measurement data is not prepared correctly and therefore causing trouble when creating the ICC profiles. There could be reading errors from the instrument or print errors or other artefacts (e.g. inhomogeneous data) resulting in a less than perfect measurement data quality. To optimize the measurement data and to intelligently average multiple data set ColorAnt is the perfect tool. Multiple tools like optical brightener correction for papers or tone value curve adaptation for various specifications (e.g. according to G7) for various tasks are available leaving no wishes open.

The the quality of ICC profiles is extremely dependent on the quality of the measurement data. With analyzing and optimizing measurement data a higher profile quality generation is possible which leads to a higher reliability of the print production process. In this regard ColorAnt optimized every printer profiling tool in the market be it ICC compliant or not.

A video tutorial showing the main features of ColorAnt is available on YouTube.

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